Bop Birds


From the makers of the best-selling Santa Scan-O-Matic, comes an addictive new pattern matching game! Tired of sliding candy and gems around over and over again? Take your frustrations out on these cute little jungle feather friends… in Bop Birds! It’s deceptively simple to learn, fun to play, but requires just enough strategy to keep…

Santa’s Naughty or Nice Scan-O-Matic

This is the best “Naughty or Nice” scanner you’re going to find for the iPhone! A great 3-in-1 Christmas app for parents to help keep their kids mindful of Santa Claus throughout the holiday season! Kids behave when they know mom or dad can pull out their iPhone or iPod Touch and instantly check to see if they’re being naughty or nice or even tell them if Santa is watching! Professional graphics with a steampunk feel and realistic sounds make this naughty or nice detector a favorite for parents with a sense of style and makes kids believe that mommy and daddy have an app that will really tell them if they’ve been good or bad. It has three separate functions:

Easter Bunny Scanner

The Easter Bunny is hopping down the bunny trail! Are your kids “good eggs” or “bad eggs” for the the Easter Bunny? This fun app for parents will help remind your kids to be good for the arrival of the Easter Bunny if they want any Easter candy or treats!

Here’s an Easter-themed naughty or nice meter app that reminds kids that the Easter Bunny is watching to make sure they’re being good around Easter time! Why should Santa Clause have all the fun at Christmas?

But don’t worry, parents, the results aren’t random (unless you want them to be)! Each scan is controlled by YOU so you can let your children know if they’ve been bad or good for the Easter Bunny!

Break Santa’s Balls

Oh no, Santa’s stuck in the chimney and all his Christmas balls are falling out of his Christmas sack! It’s up to you to see how many of Santa’s Christmas balls you can break before you run out of moves and magical candy canes.

Break Santa’s BallsIt’s deceptively simple to learn, fun to play, but requires just enough strategy to keep you coming back for more!

Simply tap two or more Christmas balls of the same color when they’re next to each other and watch them break in a cloud of glass. The more balls you break at one time, the higher your score!

Santa’s Christmas Trivia Quiz

This fun and free Christmas Trivia Quiz has over 130 kid-friendly questions for all ages to enjoy. It’s a fast-paced quiz game with 10 non-repeating questions that force you to think and answer quickly for the most points. These questions are great for holiday parties, Christmas gatherings or just about anytime when you have a few minutes and want to learn a few fun things about Christmas traditions.

HDTV Calculator

How can you get the best viewing experience out of your HDTV? Are you really seeing the best picture possible on your new HDTV for the big game or movie night? Are you sitting too close or too far away from your HDTV? Are you looking to buy a new HDTV but not sure what size to get for your home or room? Want to get the largest HDTV possible without getting one that’s too big for your room? The HDTV Calculator allows you to quickly answer these questions and give you the optimum HDTV viewing experience!

Cicada Samurai

Are you ready to test your samurai sword slashing skills on some of these huge flying bugs? If you like games like Fruit Ninja then you’ll enjoy the free Cicada Samurai! You’re out for a morning stroll when suddenly you hear a familiar buzzing sound coming from the trees and the ground – they’re big, they’re harmless, they’re slow… and they’re coming right for you! Whether you think they’re a little gross or a little cool, there’s no denying the cicadas are fun targets for your samurai sword!

Jennifer Lawrence Trivia Quiz

So you think you’re a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence? Test how much you really know with this fast-paced and fun Jennifer Lawrence quiz! You’ve 10 quick questions filled with over 60 trivia questions and facts about Jennifer Lawrence’s TV and movie career, her behind-the-scenes work on movies and her exciting personal life!

Easter Egg Design Generator

Here’s a fun and easy Easter Egg designer that can give you hundreds of ideas for dying and decorating your Easter Eggs this year.

This free app gives you plenty of egg dye colors, design templates and design colors to choose from. You can pick from with 35 different colors and 30 different egg designs with their own colors. You can also rotate the designs, shift them left or right and even make them larger! There are thousands of design combinations available!