Bop Birds

From the makers of the best-selling Santa Scan-O-Matic, comes an addictive new pattern matching game!


Tired of sliding candy and gems around over and over again? Take your frustrations out on these cute little jungle feather friends… in Bop Birds!

Fun iPhone Bird GameIt’s deceptively simple to learn, fun to play, but requires just enough strategy to keep you coming back for more!

Simply tap two or more birds of the same color when they’re next to each other and watch them pop in a cloud of feathers. The more birds you bop at one time, the higher your score!

*Six different types of jungle birds, all with their own personality and animations
*Birds fall, tumble and roll as you bop them off your roof
*Bombs that blow up everything beside and below them
*Bop 5 or more birds at one time and receive a banana
*Throw bananas to knock out single birds or tiki stones in order to form bigger patterns
*Eggs need to be bopped to hatch into birds that can then be bopped again
*Think of popping bubble wrap… now imagine popping birds and bombs instead!
*Simple and fun game for kids and adults alike!

Takes seconds to learn how to play, but with a little strategy and planning you can climb to the top of the leader boards.

Completely free to play (ad supported) with no in-app purchases!

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