Cicada Samurai

The cicadas are back! Are you ready to test your samurai sword slashing skills on some of these huge flying bugs?

Cicada SamuraiYou’re out for a morning stroll when suddenly you hear a familiar buzzing sound coming from the trees and the ground – they’re big, they’re harmless, they’re slow… and they’re coming right for you! Whether you think they’re a little gross or a little cool, there’s no denying the cicadas are fun targets for your samurai sword!

This simple but fast-paced game will keep your fingers nimble and you slash and slice your way through emerging cicadas while avoiding the family beach ball! As the levels increase so do the speed and number of cicadas popping up from the ground and dropping down from the trees.

If you miss a cicada or you hit a beach ball you earn a strike. Three strikes and it’s all over for you!



  • Fast-paced action for tablets or phones
  • Realistic cicada buzzing sounds
  • Fun graphics and sounds keep the action light and silly
  • Saved high score field
  • Ad supported



  • Don’t slash too wildly or you’ll accidentally pop the beach ball!
  • Try to pay attention to where the cicadas come from! Some drop from the trees and fly back up, some fly up from the ground and sink back behind the grass!
  • Short, quick slashes work better than long slashes.
  • Always look for the flying donut! Slice it to remove a strike!


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Awards & Mentions

Quirky App of the Day – May 11th! Review – 3.5 stars!

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