Crosswalk and Traffic Light Remote

“Wow! Two traffic light remotes in one app!”

Traffic Light RemoteWhen you’re on foot you can eliminate those long pauses at the crosswalk while you wait for the “Walk” light to appear and if you’re in the car you can speed up those traffic lights and turn those red lights to green!

Now you have the ability to speed up and change those electronic Walk and Don’t Walk signals with your iPhone or iPod touch!

Simply hold your device up to the electronic crosswalk sign or traffic light that needs to be changed and press the button! In just a few moments you’ll have people staring at you in awe and asking you questions the crosswalk and traffic lights change in your favor and seem to at your command!

This software is for entertainment purposes only. It can amuse your kids in the car or just let you blow off some steam. It’s a great way to start a conversation and get people’s attention.

Have fun!

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