Easter Bunny Scanner

The Easter Bunny is hopping down the bunny trail! Are your kids “good eggs” or “bad eggs” for the the Easter Bunny? This fun app for parents will help remind your kids to be good for the arrival of the Easter Bunny if they want any Easter candy or treats!

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Easter Bunny Smart Phone AppHere’s an Easter-themed naughty or nice meter app that reminds kids that the Easter Bunny is watching to make sure they’re being good around Easter time! Why should Santa Clause have all the fun at Christmas?

But don’t worry, parents, the results aren’t random (unless you want them to be)! Each scan is controlled by YOU so you can let your children know if they’ve been bad or good for the Easter Bunny!

The Easter Bunny Scanner will scan your child and tell you if he or she is a “good egg” or a “bad egg.” If your child’s been good green light blink, bells ding you’re given a decorated easter egg! If your child hasn’t been so good he or she will receive an egg with cracks in it. You may even see a the Easter Bunny himself!


  • Bright and fun animations and sounds
  • Parent controlled results (good, bad or random) with each scan
  • Blinking lights and fun animation
  • Over 6,000 different combination of colors and decorations possible good egg result
  • Instructions hidden behind a simple math test (to keep older children from reading the secrets)
  • Main Bunny Button color changeable
  • A daytime and a nighttime background (7pm – 7am is night)

It’s good, clean fun for kids and parents!

For Parents Only

Here’s the secret: the Easter Bunny Scanner defaults to a “good” result, but the blinking lights are really secret”buttons.

When the arrow is pointing up an not moving you can tap the FAR LEFT blinking light to have your next scan be “bad” and you can tap the MIDDLE light to have the next scan be random. Tapping the FAR RIGHT blinking light assures that you’ll have a good result. The scan resets each time.

As a parent you can even tell what the scanner is set for by watching the CENTER blinking light. If the CENTER blinking light is only blinking warm colors (red and yellow) then it’s set for a “bad egg” result. If the CENTER blinking light is only blinking cool colors (blue and green) then it’s set for a “good egg” result. If it’s blinking ALL the colors, then it’s set for a RANDOM result.

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