Easter Egg Design Generator

Here’s a fun and easy Easter Egg designer that can give you hundreds of ideas for dying and decorating your Easter Eggs this year.

iPod, iPhone & iPad
(Free – Ad Supported)

Easter Egg Designer AppThis app gives you plenty of egg dye colors, design templates and design colors to choose from. You can also rotate the designs, shift them left or right and even make them larger! There are thousands of design combinations available.

Simple and fun to use and experiment, it’s easy to come up with all sorts of unique Easter Egg ideas.

*Over 35 different egg colors
*Over 30 different egg designs
*Over 35 different design colors
*Nudge, resize and rotate buttons
*This totally free app is ad supported
*Sound options: silly sounds, single clicks or no sound at all!

If you’re just feeling lazy you can tap the egg and it will randomly choose an egg color, a design and a design color! Keep tapping for more new ideas!

Have fun and create some great Easter Eggs for the Easter Bunny!

And best of all, it’s totally free!

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