Hot or Ugly Finger Scanner App for Valentine’s Day

Here’s the ultimate Valentine Hotness finger scanner that you can use to trick your friends because you can secretly control the results! You don’t even have to be holding the phone to make sure your friends get ugly or hot!

iPhone Hot or Ugly Scanner AppHere’s how it works: You’re at a party or you’re hanging out with your friends and you mention that you have an app on your iPhone or iPod touch that will scan their body temperature and instantly be able to tell how how they are!

Just pull out your device, hit the reset button and hand it over to your friends. Let them scan themselves and get the results YOU determine. After they hold their finger on scan pad as the app scans them they’ll have their hotness level analyzed and they’ll get either an ugly insult or a hot compliment! There are over 100 different responses, so even if you’re just looking for some great pick-up lines or put-downs, this app is for you!

After each scan the app sets back to “Random” for convenience.

Want to punk your friends? Secretly set the scanner to UGLY. Want to pick up that cute girl you just met? Secret set the scanner to HOT! Want to just have fun with your friends, set the scanner to RANDOM! Best of all, each time you scan you can control the results without going into some setup screen or secret window.

How To Use This App

You: “Hey, I have this new Valentine Hot Scanner for my iPhone, want to try it?”

Friend: “Sure… Hey, I just scanned as UGLY! And it insulted me!”

You: “Oh, well let’s have my girlfriend try it…”

Girlfriend: “Okay… Awww!! I just scanned as hot and got a compliment! You’re the best!”

Pro Hot or Ugly Features

  • Realistic graphics and sounds which make the app seem as though it’s a real finger scanner
  • Secretly controlled results
  • Random feature for fun with your friends
  • 50 different compliments available
  • 50 different insults and put downs available
  • Fun and easy to control!
  • No ads!

Secret Operating Instructions

The results can be controlled by where you press the big green RESET button. If you press the RESET button on the right side you will always get a HOT result. If you press the RESET button on the left side you will always get an UGLY result. If you press the RESET button in the middle the results will be random!

There’s also a “secret light” indicator. Watch the middle blinking light! If it’s set to HOT it will only blink in “warm” colors of red or yellow. If it’s set to UGLY it will only blink in “cool” colors of blue or green. If it’s set to random then the middle light will blink with any of the four colors (yellow, red, green or blue).

Don’t forget to have fun!

Premium Version, No Ads

Free Version, Ad Supported

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