Jennifer Lawrence Trivia Quiz

So you think you’re a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence? Have you seen “The Hunger Games” a dozen times and you just can’t get enough of that Katniss Everdeen? Did you fall in love with her in X-Men: First Class? Maybe you’ve heard about her incredible chance discovery!

Jennifer Lawrence Trivia GameTest how much of a fan you really are with this fast-paced and fun Jennifer Lawrence quiz! You’ve 10 quick questions filled with trivia and facts about Jennifer Lawrence’s TV and movie career, her behind-the-scenes work on movies and her exciting personal life! She’s more than just another trendy celebrity, she’s a gifted beauty who knows how to act! She’s also one of the hottest and sexiest young actresses in Hollywood right now and you can learn all about her with just a quick click and a download!

-Over 60 fun facts and trivia questions about Jennifer Lawrence!
-Quick gameplay, so you can start and stop playing whenever you want!
-10 non-repeating trivia questions per round!
-Tweet out how many answers you got right to your friends!
-Play again and again and become the Jennifer Lawrence expert among your friends!

As Jennifer continues to act in more movies and grants more interviews we’ll add more questions and facts!

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