Monster Zap Pro

Parents, help your kids overcome that irrational fear of monsters!

This is the Monster Detector you’ve been waiting for! It not only finds monsters, but it empowers your children to take control and overcome his or her fears!

Kids Monster Detector AppIs your child afraid of monsters hiding under the bed, sleeping in the closet or lurking in the dark? Does bedtime become a arduous chore of pleads and whines to not go away because your child is afraid of the being left alone? Help your child catch up on lost sleep, build his or her confidence in being able to deal with fears and reduce everyone’s stress at bedtime with the Monster Zapper!

Now you can comfort and assure your child that there are no monsters hiding in the room with this combination monster detector and monster zapper in one app!

Best of all, as a parent YOU are in control of whether or not you find a monster in the room. Other monster detectors work on random chance and do little more than show your child that a monster is or isn’t in the room by sheer luck.

This monster scanner is different! You control the outcome each time!

Video Demo of the iPhone Monster Zap Pro

Once you find a monster your child can build his or her confidence and get a sense of accomplishment by pressing the ZAP button to emit out fun electro-static lightning bolts. You can explain to your child that monsters are afraid of static electricity and won’t come back all night long once they see it!

If your child doesn’t believe you, have your toddler scan the room again and see that the room is completely monster free!

Is your child a clever toddler that figures out patterns pretty easily? Since you control whether or not a monster is found you can find three monsters in a row, zap each one and finally be sure that all those “scary” creatures are gone for the night.

For added fun you and your child can talk about what sort of monster you find. There are hundreds of different variations of non-scary monsters that can be detected!


  • Parent controlled Monster Detector
  • Gives children confidence and teaches allows them to take control of their fears
  • Builds confidence in a fun way
  • Gives you child a means to deal with his or her fear: Zap away that monster!
  • Fun electronic device interface that makes it look professional for kids
  • Neat scanning sounds, monster alarm klaxons and zapping sounds
  • Over 1,000 different silly monster faces
  • Realistic animated radar scan
  • Flashing lights for effect
  • A “secret” light to help parents control the results

Download Monster Zap Pro today and take the stress out of bedtime tonight!


For Parents Only

This application is created for entertainment purposes only and it obviously can’t detect monsters. Your child, however, will believe that it will find monsters and you can work with your child to conquer his or her fear of monsters or the dark.

Here’s the secret to controlling the monster outcome each and every time. There are five blinking “lights” on the monster detector, but as a parent you want to watch the middle one. When you device is held in a mostly upright position (as if you were holding it in front of your face) the middle light will be green. When you tilt the device back (as though you are placing it on a table top) the middle light will turn red.

If you initiate a monster scan with the Scan button when the middle light is green then the scan will show No Monsters. If you initiate the Monster Scan with the Scan button when the middle light is red then a monster will be found.

Day Date Title Network Start
Friday 11/28/2014 Disney’s Prep & Landing ABC 8:00 PM
Friday 11/28/2014 Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer CW 8:00 PM

Practice a few times before you show your child and you’ll get the hang of it. You can even practice having your child press the Scan button while you hold your device at a specific angle.

It’s really easy to master and it gives you peace of mind that your monster detector won’t accidentally find a monster with a random number when you didn’t want it to.

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