St. Patrick’s Day Irish Quiz

Want to have some fun with your friends while learning all about Ireland this St. Patrick’s Day?  Think you’re more Irish than everyone you know?  Let’s put that knowledge to a test with this fun and informative St. Patrick’s Day Irish Quiz!

St. Patrick's Irish Trivia Quiz AppGame play is simple!  Just tap to begin and see how fast (and how accurately) you can answer 10 different trivia questions relating to Ireland, St. Patrick, Irish history and Irish culture!  Whether you like celebrating the Irish one day a year or your entire life, you’ll love this fun and quick St. Patrick’s Day Irish Quiz game!


  • Over 100 questions and answers covering Ireland, St. Patrick and Irish Culture!
  • Easy to play, just tap and go!
  • Quick games! – 10 non-repeating questions make this a quick quiz to pick up and go through when you have a some time to spare!
  • Save your high score and try to beat it!
  • Send out Tweets to your friends boasting how many answers you got right!


Feel free to submit more St. Patrick’s Day Irish trivia questions and we’ll include them in the next version!


Developer’s Notes

This was my first quiz iPhone app and it was the first time I’d used a GameSalad template to build the app.  I bought it from (the GameSalad tutorial site run by Stacey Bennet who is more well-known as “TShirtBooth.”   He has a ton of knowledge, great tutorials and some pretty clever templates for sale as well as a few great free things.

I actually added some features to his original iPhone quiz template such as the ability to be sure each question is only selected ONCE in each 10 question trivia/quiz game.  I didn’t like the idea of the same question accidentally coming up.  As with any template, I spiced up the graphics a little bit, changed the sounds around and generally made it more to my style of game play.

What did I spent most of my time on?  The questions!  I’m only about 1/8th Irish so I didn’t know a lot of the answers to the questions in the app originally.  I read a few different books (they’re like battery-free Kindles!) and I did a fair bit of research online to put together the questions.  I wanted questions that were fun, were a little more “trivial” in nature than just hard history facts about Ireland and I purposely didn’t put in anything too obscure or difficult.  In my research I found a fair bit of conflicting information about St. Patrick’s Day, particularly around the history of St. Patrick’s Day and it’s many celebrations and parades.  There is nothing more frustrating than playing a trivia game and having an answer marked as “wrong” when you know it’s at least partially right (and can site sources!)

In all my research I actually learned a fair bit about Ireland, the Irish culture and St. Patrick that I wasn’t fully aware of before.  It’s definitely on my list of places to visit now!

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